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a tip for those who like to comparison shop

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  • a tip for those who like to comparison shop

    When I go out and do mindless shopping (as opposed to purposeful shopping) -- usually when I am in the mind-like-water state (doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I do) and I simply see a product I like (like at the mall or Home Depot, etc.) I take a picture of it and all the info in the price tag with my Palm's built-in camera. It easier than writing it down or trying to remember.

    When I see a similar product again, I just compare the characteristics to the photo and I can see which deal is better. Does anyone else do that?

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    Great use for a digital camera. I don't have a camera phone or Palm camera, so I have never done that, but I have often wished I had my digital camera with me while shopping. Particularly when buying an item such as furniture in which case you are going to want consensus from your spouse on the style and appearance of the item. It will be easier to show a picture than to take them to the store to view the piece or risk having to return it.

    I have taken pictures of something I am trying to repair and gone to the hardware store with the camera to aid in selecting the correct parts (how was that flange positioned??).

    Great time-saving possibilities.