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GTD Blogging Link Exchange (Accountability)

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  • GTD Blogging Link Exchange (Accountability)

    The purpose of this thread is to allow members who are blogging about GTD to post their blog urls. For clarity, include the following information:

    1. Your name/alias
    2. The URL of your blog (plaintext, for ease of copy/paste function)
    3. The main topic of your blog (personal, GTD, productivity in general, etc)

    Include tags if you wish, to assist those who want to add your url to Spurl,, or wherever.

    Other info that might be useful:
    * Is your blog trackback/comment compatible?
    * Do you have a specific category for GTD?
    * Are you wanting an accountability buddy?

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    1. Name: Jacq
    2. URL:
    3. Main Topic: Personal

    Tags: GTD, crafts, maryland, baltimore, geek, renaissance festival, costuming, aviation, pollution, hazmat, pirates, sea shanties, reading, antiques, technology

    * My blog is trackback/comment compatible
    * I do have a GTD category
    * I am not specifically looking for an accountability buddy, but I welcome comments/trackbacks

    I post approximately 5 entries per week.