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Unusual NA Context

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  • Unusual NA Context

    I thought I would share my discovery of a very unusual context for next actions.

    Through my work, I've had some discussions with a zoo veterinarian about how he plans his work. He talked about what he calls "opportunistic activities" and gave me the following example:

    The vet receives a request from a researcher to measure the distance between the nostrils of the resident rhinoceros. As an intelligent man, he is not inclined to perform this measurement without sedating the animal. On the other hand, sedation always carries a measure of risk, so to undertake a sedation just to perform this measurement is inappropriate. So, the vet keeps this request on a list of opportunistic activities for the rhinoceros, so that if the rhino is sedated for any other reason, he can also knock off the nostril measurement at the same time.

    I have to admit, I am very happy that my personal NA list does not include the context "when the rhinoceros is sedated", but it's interesting to know that it's out there!

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    @Agenda: rhinoceros?

    Works for me!



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      In my system, I call that context "@StonedRhino"


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        Too funny!


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          I'm pleased to say I've learned something today;

          In my work, if I happen upon a sedated rhinoserous, I now know my N/A will be to measure the distance between his nostrils. Now please reassure me that he doesn't also need to be checked for a hernia.


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            I'd put this in my "Someday/Maybe" list. Since I review my lists often, I'd find it just in time when I need it.