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Help W/Microsoft Money 2001

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  • Help W/Microsoft Money 2001

    We are a small Equipment Rental Company and we are using Money 2001 for our payables. We have Money 2001 at the office and one of the Guys has Money 2005 at his home. He is entering the information on Money 2005 and we are atempting to restore the 2005 backup on the Money 2001 program. We get almost to the end and we are asked for a password, the current password does not work, we have changed it and even deleted the password and we still have the problem. Any help or direction would be great.

    Thank you

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    Some things to try

    Hi Jachin,

    Sounds like you're entering data in Money 2005 and trying to open that file in Money 2001 (4 versions earlier).

    I don't use MS Money, but in general, Microsoft makes minimal effort to provide backward compatibility with its products as there's no profit in it.

    Some ideas:
    Match the versions: buy a copy of Money 2005 for the office or Money 2001 for home.

    See if Money 2005 can export the data to a generic file format (e.g. QIF or CSV) and import that file into Money 2001.

    Search for any tips.

    Google for tips and/or MS Money forums.

    Hope this helps,