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the ugly truth about the rip off report racket

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  • the ugly truth about the rip off report racket

    It has been established through sworn testimony from the businesses themselves that certain Florida businesses pay Ed Magedson for favorable treatment on the and bad

    These businesses have submitted court testimony including emails from Magedson offering to delete entires on his websites for a fee. Cancelled checks payable to Magedson for the "quick removal of false" reports can be viewed online. Magedson prepares testimonials in return for a fee. It looks like Magedson is the first consumer advocate/ corporate advocate. Kinda tough to wear both hats at the same time, as Magedson is now learning...I guess that is why he doesn't publicize the fact that you can only qualify for the corporate advocacy program if you pay him thousands. His attorney tried to tell the Florida court that Magedson's extortion victims were just "vendors" of services to Magedson. He doesn't want the consumers who think he is their advocate to know he is on the take from these businesses. You'll find that he mentions his program on his website, but not his extortionate fees. Looks like the cat is out of the bag.