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    I don't have this problem at work where I spend 9 or 10 hours a day, but at home I don't spend too much time at my desk. I sometimes spend only 10 or 15 minutes a day at my desk at home. I usually spend that time going through things in my Inbox. This has kept the Inbox relatively under control, but I've noticed that my Next Action list is suffering as a result. This weekend when I finally got to the NA list, I realized that I hadn't looked at it in over a week. There were things in there that were more important than some of the things I processed in my inbox during the week. So now I feel like my NA list is becoming a black hole of things that aren't getting done when they should.

    With a limited amount of time, how does one balance keeping the inbox close to empty and going through NA lists?

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    If your NA list is at your desk, but you only spend 10-15 min a day at your desk, then your NA list isn't reminding you of what needs to be done. Try putting it somewhere else: taped to the TV, taped to the door, laying on the couch, somewhere where you'll see it, and it will remind you that there's things to be done.