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This thing is coming everywhere with me!

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  • This thing is coming everywhere with me!

    Hello all,

    Just took delivery of my Notetaker Wallet! I live in the UK and it only took about 5 business days to get to me from the day I purchased it online. So great service David & Co!

    Even though I knew the size of the wallet, when you see it in the flesh my goodness is it small, and light, and that's with the pad and pen inside it! The pen incidentally is absolutely ideal. I thought I would replace it with my Bullet Space Pen (I love the space pens), but after seeing the Rotring, I've decided to leave it in there.

    I have now put my debit card, driving licence, Staples store card, and 02 mobile phone topup card in there, along with some hard-earned cash, and now I'm ready to go.

    In fact I'm so ready, that this little thing will be with me ALL THE TIME and NOT just in the evenings.

    Within less than 24 hours, I've already nearly used up one pad!

    Excellent product David!! Thanks so much for making it.


    P.S. The presentation box and literature that comes with it is also first-class!

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    I am so jealous of the people posting about this wallet! I want one! but $99 dollars is just tooooo pricy for me right now. I will have to stick to my Moleskine, but does anyone know of a good quality, low priced, pants-pocket pen?


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      Too pricy?

      Originally posted by 12hourhalfday
      I am so jealous of the people posting about this wallet! I want one! but $99 dollars is just tooooo pricy for me right now. I will have to stick to my Moleskine, but does anyone know of a good quality, low priced, pants-pocket pen?
      Is $99 too pricy for the first-class wallet, notepad and pen? I think Moleskine notebooks are too pricy too.


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        Low priced pen

        Take a look at the Zebra Tele-scopic pen. You can get a package of two (with 2 refills) for under $5 at Office Depot or OfficeMax. I found one just last night at Wal-Mart for $4.

        Short enough to keep in your pocket but then easily extends for writing.



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          Good deal actually

          In response to the cost of Notetaker Wallet being too expensive. I would have to disagree. It's NOT just the wallet you get, but the pen, pads and refills.

          I just purchased a Fisher Space Pen (the original one) for £35.00 GBP (approx. $63 USD). If I purchased another type of notepad wallet, along with extra pads and refills for the space pen, I would have spent around £110 GBP (approx. $198 USD!!). So David's wallet (including accessories) IS actually a blasted good deal.

          I too have used Moleskines (large and pocket size) and the cost of those little guys can soon add up


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            Originally posted by Barrance
            I just purchased a Fisher Space Pen (the original one) for £35.00 GBP (approx. $63 USD).
            Holy cow! My Fisher bullet pen was less than $20. I stapled some sheets of paper about the size of a typical yellow pad and put them in my wallet and I was ready to go.

            There is a lower priced wallet which has a pocket for the bullet pen, as well. Its located here:


            Tom S.


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              I got my silver Fisher bullet space pen at Office Depot for $19.95. Also, Rolodex now makes a nifty little leather wallet (about three by four inches) that holds business cards and it costs less than ten bucks. I switched to it and put a bunch of blank business cards in it as my "hipster PDA" index cards were getting "rumpled" in my pocket after several days of ordinary wear and tear. The Rolodex leather wallet easily fits in your front or back pants pocket.

              Danny Hardesty



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                Not bullet!

                Hi Chaps,

                It wasn't the bullet pen I purchased, it was the original AG-1 space pen (the one NASA still use). It's slightly longer. But this is why the price was higher. Don't forget as well, I also live in the UK, so paying way over the odds for something is the norm!

                All the best,


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                  The official Notetaker Wallet is pricy, but there are still a few Wenger Mini Pad Folios left. At $30, it's a great value, though I recommend tossing the included pen and picking up a set a Zebra retractables for $5. Refill pads are still available directly from Wenger's site.


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                    Oops! AG-7 space pen NOT AG-1.

                    Anyway, I'm happy with the Notetaker. It was cheap as far as I am concerned because of the GBP/USD exchange rate, and the price of lesser quality items over here in the UK. That's the thing though chaps - QUALITY.

                    The Notetaker oozes quality as well as being compact enough to fit in my shirt pocket and my jeans. And I like the fact that it opens and closes easily with no popper or other clasp, and that the pad is on the right-hand side.


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                      Ay, there's the one rub I have with the Mini Pad Folio: the pad is on the left hand side, and I'm left-handed, so there's nothing to brace against. Something to think about when choosing wallets. Other than that, the only other difference is that the Folio is vinyl, not leather. They're identical in size, and both lack clasps and pen loops.


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                        Bought the "evening module" just this past week and it was just a little bit too small for me - needed something that would also carry cash and receipts.

                        But I found this:|PageID=2269|Level=2-3

                        It is just a bit bigger, but it works perfect for me.



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                          Originally posted by Barrance
                          Hi Chaps,

                          It wasn't the bullet pen I purchased
                          Hi, Barry. I understood that and I certainly didn't mean to imply that you overpaid for what you bought. I was just pointing out that the expense of your pen isn't really an indicator of whether the $90 wallet is a good deal. The bullet pen works extremely well and is practically indestructible. It is, for my purposes, a much better value as are other pen-containing wallets. You mileage may vary.

                          In any case I was trying to point out cheaper alternatives for people who believe, as I do, that the "official" wallet is a bit pricey.

                          Tom S.


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                            Hi Tom,

                            Apologies for the confusion, but I only mentioned the price of the space pen I bought as an example of how much an item like that is over here. Therefore, if I was willing to pay that much for a pen, then $99 for a wallet, and pen, and refills, and pads, in mind view, was a good deal.

                            Anyway, it's still going great for me at the moment. Whether it's expensive or not, it's sure nice to own something of such quality, regardless whether it's from David & Co or not.

                            All the best,


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                              Regarding the Wenger Folio, it is available in the US at Staples for $14. I use one and just love having it with a Fisher bullet.

                              The Levenger and the Allen product look really nice but the Wenger is solid. I have a bunch of cards miscellania in it and it's survived handily.