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Request for excerpt from newsletter

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  • Request for excerpt from newsletter

    Hi. I have accidentally deleted (yes permanently ) my newsletter. I was wanting to copy a quote from it, and now can't. Would someone be willing to copy and paste it here for me? It was the section on 'things that are out of place causing stress'. It talked about pen refills for a pen you no longer own, and how the right place for yesterday's newspaper is not the same as for today's... something like that.

    I'd appreciate it very much. If David's newsletter is on the website somewhere, I would like to know that. I can get it myself in that case.


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    Productivity Principle no. 86

    Productivity Principle no. 86
    When what something means to you doesn’t match where it is, there is inefficiency and stress.

    If you have trash somewhere besides where trash goes, it will bother you. If you have actionable items in places that are not effectively reminding you to take action, they will create psychic noise. Stuff that needs to be stored or filed somewhere else in order to be useful or accessible as you might need it will be irritating. And as the meaning of things change, so must their placement, to relieve pressure. Yesterday’s newspaper does not belong where it did when it was today’s. Ballpoint refills in your drawer will stress you if you no longer have that ballpoint pen. The mismatch of something’s meaning and its location is true disorganization, and it will trigger either action to align it or stress and numbness.

    Hope this is the right excerpt!



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      I am missing that entire paragraph in my newsletter.

      Another oddity is that all the quote marks are question marks.

      Can someone with Davidco please help! I would like to get a clean copy of the newsletter.


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        I got multiple copies of the newsletter, all truncated at that point. I sent a reply to that effect, asking if there was some issue. I'm curious who else didn't get the entire newsletter.


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          Thank you!

          Ranier, that is it exactly! Thank you so much!
          I also read the other two posts. How strange! Maybe David will re-issue this newsletter. My copy was fine. Wish I still had it now! LOL

          (although sadly, the free email service I use will not forward html messages at all correctly, even though they are received just fine.)


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            Newsletter today?

            Did a newsletter come out today?

            That is strange, because I have received nothing at all.


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              I received my newsletter yesterday - in its entirety. If you would like me to forward it to you, please send me a Private Message with your email address. Just click on my username. And, yes, the newsletter is in HTML format.