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  • 50,000ft

    The following was published in my Church Weekly newsletter. It was not attributed to an author but I think it makes a superb mission statement and provides a definition in the first sentence akin to "Mind Like Water".

    I am/I shall
    When I am centred, I see the perfection in the world, myself and others.
    When I find the world to be imperfect, I will take responsibility for painting it that way.
    I will look into the heart of a rose, or the eyes of a newborn baby and again know perfection.
    I take responsibility for creating my own life story through the choices I have made.
    To blame others is to give away my personal power.
    Who will I allow to write the next chapter of my life?
    I shall seek the courage to believe in a God who will laugh with me in the sunlight and cry with me in the darkness.

    I shall make a small difference on this planet through the work I do.
    When I leave I will have done my share.
    I shall live, love, laugh, and learn on my journey.

    Has anyone else tackled the 50,000ft altitude and, if so, what tips do you have for defining and reviewing at that level of focus?

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    thanks for sharing

    Every now and then I have tried to articulate and clarify my thinking and wishes at the higher level, I think it is an evolving work. The one caution I have for people in general is not to be ridiculously idealistic or comare oneself to a Nobel prize winner so think carefully about your own personal resources (energy, talents, abilities, money, stress tolerance). It is easy to minimize the impact of small things. I had an elderly neighbor who every summer grew a beautiful but wild and messy garden of dalhias, sun flowers and holly hocks and year after year people came for a few minutes or even hours and sat on the three or four upside down 5 gallon buckets that he offered as seats. He also carried dog biscuits in his pocket for his canine friends and showed a few dog owners that Fido could be taught to sit and not jump. He did a lot of good in the world despite his relative poverty. A mentally ill but very bright relative of mine tutored a high school drop out in math and science whom she met in a laundromat (while the cloths washed and at no charge for books, etc.) and the young women eventually became a physician. The other is to keep a folder of inspirational quotes, jokes, photos, etc. that resonate with you. Also, don't wait to act. And, finally, in an effort to help others live at a higher level share your vision in a non-egotistical way, explain your thinking. Finally, if it is not too depressing, you might write a paragraph for your future obituary that leads with "The values that guided his/her (projects, life, whatever), were_______.


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      fao Jamie


      Thanks for that - I like your examples of actually equating something this high-level to everyday actions.

      I guess it's all too easy to make a statement such as "contribute something to the world". Actually defining what "something" (what is the successful outcome?") and the next actions is the difficult part.

      I've set up my "50,000ft" reference folder and have tickled myself a reminder to review it in a couple of months for ideas.