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Customizing Outlook: Assigning item to projects

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  • Customizing Outlook: Assigning item to projects

    Another question: I havn't decided yet if I want to use the add-in or to customze Outlook myself. I am a student and can't afford the Outlook customization guide especially if it doesn't help with this and I then decide to buy teh add-in:

    I like to have things under control and don't like surprises. Since I havn't captured all the add-in does to my Outlook items and folders and to my plam and so on I really think about customizing Outlook myself.

    And there is nothing special the add-in does that you can't do manually (as far as I have seen) except for the abillity to assign items to projects and to manage projects. What does the customization guide tell me about that? I definitly do not want to do without viewing my tasks by project an by actions.


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    Your thinking cap is not defective.

    Good going, Christian. I think you might be right. My experience with the addin was the same as yours. Seems like it might be easiest to just tweak the views a little in "View: Arrange by: Current View..." and make your modifications and sort prefs there. Then just enter projects as a regular category. If they aren't linked in a view, that's fine and it doesn't really keep you from actually... Getting. Things. Done!



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      we should probably move this conversation to the tech forum


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        You might be right, GTDroadkill. I am sorry to chose the wrong forum.

        I opened a similar but more general post including a poll in the tech forum aboput the way you use Outlook to get along GTD. We should continue our discussion there.

        To close the discussion in this forum let me just explain the solution I found myself:
        The reason for me to post this topic here was how to handle projects and actions as tasks and how to link them to have them displayed together. I solved this as follows: For actions being part of a project I include in the category field not only the action type but also a project name. Then I define a view grouping Outlook tasks by category. That's it! It puts all NA of a project together and it puts all NAs by action type togehter. There is just one little shortcoming: Both are displayed in one view. I can live with that.

        Additionally, I set up a category "Project" for all my Projects. That enables me to display the list of projects by defining a view which I filter just those tasks. To prevent those from being displayed in the view mentioned above for the lists of actions put an additional filter there.

        I hope I expressed myself somewhat articulate.