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What's GTD Outlook add-in?

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  • What's GTD Outlook add-in?

    In essense, what's GTD Outlok add-in? Of course, the Outlook add-in implements David's Getting Things Done methodology. Does it offer a few additional VIEWS, from a technical point of view? Does it apply to new NA (Next Action)? How about the existing items, tasks, and appointments? The Help file merely explain the machanics of functions such as adding tasks. The problem here is lacking any sample. It would be nice to have a video training so that users can pick up the GTD Outlook add-in faster.

    I've been listening to David's audio book for 4 months and understand his concept and the workflow of GTD.

    My question is how to us GTD Outlook add-in as a productivity enhancement system, rather than unrelated functions.

    BTW, does the add-in fully support Asian language?

    Please help.

    Hong Kong