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How to keep Client "Entities" in Outlook?

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  • How to keep Client "Entities" in Outlook?

    I have been "self-implementing" DA's Workflow Processing using MS Outlook, using the "how to" pdf instructions that I purchased from the website.

    The Clients my business serves are Companies, Institutions, Governments, etc. These Clients employ people. I keep the people as typical Contacts in Outlook. I have started saving the Client Entities as contacts as well; each preceded with an "@" -- e.g. "@Institution Enterprises" I have a growing list of over 50 Client Entities to track, which is starting to clog up my normal contacts list. I'm wondering if I should create a new Contacts Folder that contains only Client Entities. However, I'm not sure I want to go down the path of creating and maintaining multiple folders in Outlook.

    Any suggestions?

    - BG

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    Why not create a contact for the company, leave the Name and Job Title blank, and then put some kind of tag in the Notes field (like "client"). Then if you want to find the company's contact information, it's there (separate and apart from the individuals at that company). And if you ever need a list of all of your company clients, just search for "client." (If "client" is too common, use something more unique, like "$client.")

    This avoids having new folders.


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      Brian: That's the way I set it up originally, but then it evolved into an overly elaborate system w/ the @ prefixes, etc. Upon revisiting, I think I should go back to the simpler system - as you recommend. Here's my real issue: the best way (in Outlook) to differentiate between:

      - People (easy - they're Contacts).

      - Next Actions (ToDo's or Tasks w/ @Categories)

      - Client Entities (Contacts w/ appropriate category(ies) to differentiate)

      - Deals/Projects (This is the most complicated issue for me. Right now, I'm setting these up as Tasks, categorized as "Deals" to set them apart. I'm still working through my process of NA's associated w/ Deals...)