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OLK Add-In + mind mapper/outliner: Best practices?

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  • OLK Add-In + mind mapper/outliner: Best practices?


    For those who use both the Outlook Add-In and MindManager/ResultsManager or another mind mapping/outliner program...

    Which program do you use in each phase of a task's life (e.g., generating the NA, inputting to the system, managing/recategorizing, reviewing)? What functions do you use in one program, vs. another? Examples are always helpful.

    For me MM/RM is most useful for viewing projects, generating Next Actions, and arraying them in a way that makes sense for reviews. However, I find it considerably easier to enter and manage NAs/tasks in the Add-In. The MindManager/Result Manager sync function strips off important information for tasks, including Categories, which are critical to managing NAs in Outlook and the very foundation of GTD.

    I sense there's lots of potential here to tap into the strengths of each program, but I haven't gotten the hang of it.

    Being a process question, I think it's equally applicable to the GTD and Tools Forums.