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The "Great Lines" List

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  • The "Great Lines" List

    A little list hack: I keep a list of "great lines" in the memo section of my PDA / Outlook. It's a great way to capture lines from books, speeches, etc. that I want to remember or reference later for inspiration, use in writing, etc.

    Works for me.

    Hack v 2.0: I also keep individual "great lines" as part of my notes when I see speakers or seminars, typically as I mind map the event. I did this when D. Allen took part in a conference we held last week; here's my list of his great lines:

    * My stuff is just advanced common sense.
    * Decision making: It gets more constipated the higher up you get.
    * My definition of successful executives is those who solve more problems than they create.
    * From my experience, "team" means "nobody."
    * Listen folks, there are certain times when you should not be talking to key people about important things.
    * GSA: The gnawing sense of anxiety.
    * Dumb and happy is the place to be.
    * You don't want to be so stressed? Don't care so much.
    * A lot of your competitive edge is your ability to deal with surprise.
    * You can only feel good about what you're not doing when you know what you're not doing.
    * Work is a martial art.
    * Quoting Peter Drucker: “Your toughest job is defining your work.”
    * Stress comes from breaking agreements with yourself.
    * If you keep track of agreements, you'll make fewer.
    * When you break things down to the next action step, it’s really easy to do.
    * You can only feel good about what you’re not doing when you know what you’re not doing.
    * Your mind doesn't have a mind.
    * The biggest barrier to implementation is addiction to stress.
    * If you’re not willing to do it all, don't bother doing anything.
    * We start with the individual out.

    (Cross-posted at Seat 1A)
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