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Projectless Actions?

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  • Projectless Actions?

    I'm interersted in how folks handle actions that aren't associated with specific projects. My boss will often send me a web link or something with the comment "This might be helpful down the road." He's not expecting any response from me; it's just an FYI from him. I have created a "Project" called "Data Analysis [my job function] Misc." but it really isn't a project. What do you all do on these kinds of things?


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    Personally, I would either print a screenshot of the web site (which would have the URL in the bottom of the print-out) and file it as reference material, or if it's relating a project I'm currently working on, throw it in the project support material file/folder. Alternatively, if one day you might want to review this web site and take a particular action then that would go in your someday/maybe list?

    Just some ideas from another newbie!


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      I get a fair amount of this type of stuff and (although it may not be a best practice) I have a folder entitled "Reference". All this type of stuff goes in there and I search it by keyword if I later need to look for something that might have gone in there. I also sometimes change the subject lines when putting something in there to help me recall what it is.


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        You said that you are not requried to take immediate action following this.

        I would simply find an appropriate keyword and file in a folder in your file cabinet, perhaps in a folder that already exists and relates to what you wish to file, if not, just make a new folder.


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          It doesn't quite sound like action is necessary either -- unless your boss expects you to read FYIs thoroughly?

          If not, I would take a minute or two to look at the link; if it looks like information I will truly need in the future, I would save it digitally. Usually I would just bookmark the site. If it looks extremely valuable, I might save the web page to disk just in case the web page later disappears. Either way, bookmarked or digitally filed, I'll be able to find it again easily with Google Desktop search. Digital filing/indexed search retrieval is faster and easier than with paper, IMO, plus it saves valuable real estate space in my office and home. If the information doesn't look that useful, I don't save it at all, not even digitally.

          If my boss expected me to read the information thoroughly, and it would take more than 2 minutes, I'd just add the action "Read X" to the appropriate Next Actions list. Some actions are truly one-offs and don't need a project at all.