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Successful Resolutions of Projects?

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  • Successful Resolutions of Projects?

    Hey folks,

    I'm using the Outlook Add-in for GTD, so I end up with a list of approximately 80 projects, some with subprojects and some without, all of which have a next action (or actions, if things can happen in parallel) and I'm wondering about a couple of things:
    • Where do you write down, if anywhere, what the successful resolution of a project is? As a note in the Project task as created in GTD? On paper somewhere?
    • Do you have a one-to-one correspondence between Projects in the GTD Add-In and paper folders for project support materials?


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    I do not use the Outlook Add-in, so I may not be the best to answer your questions, but since noone else has yet replied, here goes:

    Regarding paper folders for project support: you probably do not need a paper folder for each of your projects, since some will have no support materials, or no materials in paper form. Just use them when necessary.

    Regarding the outcome description: yes, I think a note attached to the task in Outlook is a good spot. I would be surprised if the Outlook Add-in didn't have a specific field for this. If you have a paper folder for a particular project, that may be the right place. It should be wherever you can easily find it when you need it (during review or project planning sessions).


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      I thought that the successful resolution was the project. In other words, the items on my Projects list are things like, "November Board Briefs published", "Upload a printable stamp design page to website", or "Case 05-136". The Next Actions are the steps that I need to take to accomplish those desired outcomes. So, in that case, the successful resolution is simply entered in the Subject field, no?