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Seeking opinion on Structural Thinking

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  • Seeking opinion on Structural Thinking

    Hi Guys,
    I just want to start a conversation about Robert Fritz, The Path of Least Resistants Author, Has anyone and this forum experience his work.
    I went to one of his workshop for 4 days last week, (The Fundamentals of Structural Thinking).
    I just want to have a chat, with the group about Fritz's work,

    Idea guy
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    A few years ago I read The Path of Least Resistance and then had a private sesson with someone Fritz had trained.

    I found the concept of structural tension very useful.

    I do take issue with his statements early in the book that becoming intimate with one's own process is pointless (he exaggerates "getting in touch with one's process" in order to ridicule it), and that the only way to create is to have a clear vision of the outcome before getting started.

    Is there ever a setting in which self-knowledge is irrelevant? A knowledge of process -- how we create -- is essential, it seems to me. It makes more of our creativity accessible to us.

    As for having a clear vision of the complete work ahead of time, most experienced writers, visual artists, and composers are well aware that they often create excellent works when they begin with a mere phrase, cadence, shape, color, or sequence of notes and go on from there. Too complete a mental picture, envisioned prematurely, can constrict the work and make it less original and less interesting.


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      Book recommendation

      YOu can take a look at Mark Forster's book HOW TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE for an example of how he employs Fritz's principles of ideal vs current reality, along with journaling. He doesn't reference Fritz in the book, but he recommended POLR in one of his newsletters. It's an interesting practical application of some of Fritz's ideas without too much theory.

      I've skimmed the Fritz book but have not read it closely.


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        Structural Thinking

        Hi There,
        Well I find the concept fresh, I like the view of not to compare once's point of view again database,concept, belief or bias.
        The creating process at best, start with nothing and to see true reality, a connection with one true values, what can be better that, not our belief just the evidence what is there.
        The workshop was a great experience for me, I'm recommend The Path of Least Resistants for Managers.
        My opinion