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Think I may have had a breakthrough

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  • Think I may have had a breakthrough

    Think I may have had a breakthrough... I've been trying to implement the GTD system for about 11 months now. After listening to both books several times, and listening to the "Getting Things Done FAST" audio course dozens of times I finally realized what I was adding to the system (thinking I absolutely needed it) was actually making it impossible to implement.

    In each of the categories, such as inbox, next actions, projects, etc. ...I had sub categories because there were so many items in each, I felt overwhelmed by so many items. Looking back, I think messing with thinking through what categories things should go in, or using "gear" that was just too slow for me, made the system I was trying to implement impossible for me.

    For almost three weeks, I've had to commute to 2 hrs each day and decided to listen to the "gtd fast" course to see if I can pull out any more nuggets, and I think that is indeed what I did. I've heard David say before not to make things too complicated, but it started to grab my attention more this time around.

    well, like always when I think things are going to be different, only time will tell if this is the key for me.