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  • Too Much

    I dont know whether to $&!+ or wind my wristwatch.

    I give up!
    There's too much information
    too many requests, demands, questions
    from customers, boss, family.
    Too many people to talk to
    projects to manage
    budgets to track
    Its all becoming a blur - priorities are a joke
    GTD is another another item on a list that is way way too long...

    Mind like water? I'm a pool in a rainstorm

    I forgot what my question is... I gotta go!

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    Two words:

    Say no.


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      I agree.

      Say no.
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        Say YES!

        Say YES! - but only for the most important stuff. I mean really the most important stuff.


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          or... say yes to everything but just don't do them.

          Then you'll get a reputation as being unreliable and no one will ever ask you to do anything ever again!

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            I give up! There's too much information too many requests, demands, questions
            It helped me to realize that I was not going to get everything done that needed to be done. Those that do, do not have very complete lists.

            List the items, negotiate the trade-offs. The consequences will be there - no way around it.


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              I have the same feeling sometimes

              I look at my lists and wonder how the heck I'm ever going to get all of this stuff done.

              When I feel overwhelmed like this, I look at all of my NA lists and move all the stuff off that doesn't absolutely positively have to get done this week. It all gets parked in the Someday/Maybe list, which I will go over at the next weekly review.

              One of the biggest things I've noticed is all the commitments I've made to myself. Sometimes I just put way too many demands on my own time. Things like, read this interesting magazine or learn a foreign language, etc. Things I would like to do someday, but when you are overwhelmed, just move it off your list and stop feeling stressed out about it.