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Say you are organized (when you are)

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  • Say you are organized (when you are)

    If you are like me, you may have tried affirmations for things that we are trying to have in our lives with somewhat limited success. Part of the problem, may be that we don't really believe the affirmations.

    However, with our interest in being organized, sometimes, perhaps by chance, situations will come up where we actually can find something we need. Communicating our success to others and ourselves may help to change our perspective of ourselves.

    I was discussing what to do next Thursday with a friend at my computer and I said - oh I know that, pulled up my Thursday schedule with the relevant information and said sort of as a joke "Oh I'm just so organized" as I had just what we needed and I was a little surprised that I could feel a certain power with that statement that at least in this situation felt right and was obviously correct.

    Changing our perception of ourselves as being organized from being disorganized may help. I'm not saying we do not need to do the work to be organized, but thinking of ourselves as being organized every chance we get may help us maintain where we want to be.

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    Secret truth about affirmations.

    Affirmations cannot come from your mouth or hand. They should come from your heart or mind. That's the secret.


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      From the book by Ben Hogan named Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf:
      -----"...But my self-doubting never stopped. Regardless of how well I was going, I was still concerned about the next day and the next day and the next.
      -----In 1946 my attitude suddenly changed. I honestly began to feel that I could count on playing fairly well each time I went out, that there was no practical reason for me to feel I might suddenly "lose it all." I would guess that what lay behind my new confidence was this: I had stopped trying to do a great many difficult things perfectly because it had become clear in my mind that this ambitious over-thoroughness was neither possible nor advisable, or even necessary." - Ben Hogan