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PocketMOD for HipsterPDA and Paper users

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  • PocketMOD for HipsterPDA and Paper users

    I use My Life Organized to manage my lists on my computer at home and work. When I am mobile however, I prefer paper lists. Nothing beats the versatility and convinence of a blank page.

    I used to use the back of envelopes and trifold junk mail letters for my lists. However I discovered this crazy new way of folding paper into a booklet that amazing. It puts all my lists in a compact package without staples. The video and instructions are at PocketMOD

    You can also make a printable template, but that is a waste of time.

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    I use it as a backup for critical information when I travel overseas. I record hotel reservation details, credit card PINs, important contacts etc.


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      Loved PocketMod

      I loved that link...and I made a printable template and had a lot of fun deciding what I wanted in it.....don't know if I'll ever use it but I thought it was a blast. Thanks!