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P versus PC actions

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  • P versus PC actions

    I've found that I tend to really like tasks that move me toward making things better in my life, and not on tasks that just are related to execution of obligations and mission-critical items. When I always look at my lists, my curiousity in "How could this next methodology help make my life less painful?" leads me to explore GTD, typing improvement, CD's, books, music, old friends, etc., a lot more than "Brainstorm that new proposal", or "Write the figure legend for 3A" for a certain paper that I am attempting to publish. Covey breaks things down between PC (production capacity) and P (production).

    So I printed out all my context and projects lists. I've labeled each next action and project either P or PC.

    PC is the vastly smaller group, and is interesting stuff that I am committed to doing in the next 2-3 months that may have a huge payoff in my production or life elsewhere if done well (like GTD itself), needs further exploration, and is not mission critical. This will reside on its own list. Longer than 2-3 months goes on someday. Maybe goes on maybe.

    P is the larger group consisting of all "production" stuff, related to the direct output of my job, family, church, and community responsibilities. These are committed items (not someday's or maybe's). If it is a true PC (production capacity) item, like "Get new pens" or "Re-assign palm task category" and I really will come to a standstill if I don't get it done (it will limit production of mission-critical NA's) it goes on the P list.

    Will try it for a while and get back to you all.
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