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What if your "in bin" is shared by others?

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  • What if your "in bin" is shared by others?

    I use the GTD process at home and like it a lot. But when I'm working on an IT helpdesk where the issues come in and everyone grabs from a "pool" of tickets I can see a break down of some of the practices.

    What is considered "in?"

    Should I task all open tickets and process them in my tasks?


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    Presumably the help desk has a system for tracking tickets? Why should you duplicate it?

    My advice would be to enter tickets into your system at the point where they become your personal responsibility, and not before.



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      It's Not IN 'till it's IN your IN.

      I agree with Katherine. Not sure exactly how your setup works, but I would not consider something to be in your "IN" box until it's really in YOUR in box. What's the procedure for assigning tickets? Just grab one from the pool when you need work to do? Then grabbing a new ticket is a "next action," to be taken when you have no other action to take or when the number of tickets assigned to you drops below n, where n is what you or your boss has decided is the number of tickets you should have on your plate at once.

      Once you've grabbed the ticket from the communal bin, then it's in YOUR in box and can be processed accordingly.