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Audio in UK, preferably for download

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  • Audio in UK, preferably for download

    I'm trying to get hold of the original GTD recording - I had never heard of the Fast version before searching the forum a few minutes ago, and that sounds like an impossible dream. I see the standard recording is available for download from, but not from their store, and they no longer allow international purchases from .com. Does anyone know where it might be available for download? Or is my only option to order the cd from the Davidco store? And is that impossible dream of GTD Fast at all possible in the UK? Thanks!
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    I live in the UK and bought the GTD Fast CD's on ebay a few months ago.

    I have since sold them, I'm afraid, but they do pop up from time to time.

    I just checked on and you can buy the tape version for £53. I suspect you can then sell them again after using them for a figure not too far off that. I actually sold the CD course to someone in the states for more than I bought if for.


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      GTD Fast available on UK eBay

      I thought others might like to know that there are nine copies of GTD Fast on CD available for £63 on UK eBay at the moment. Here's the link: