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Yes, another hello i'm new post...

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  • Yes, another hello i'm new post...

    Hey guys and gals of the GTD kingdom.

    Just thought i would simultaneously increase my post count and say hello.

    I'm a 17 year old student from UK who has only just discovered this interesting, intriguing and downright productive world of GTD.

    It's nice to find a community dedicated to GTD and i look forward to sharing my ideas and generally chatting to you guys over the next few months.

    (that last sentence really does sound quite cheesy...sorry)

    Well.... thats me...


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    From the GTD Kingdom to the United Kingdom.



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      Welcome, DH.

      I'll be interested to hear about your experiences as you set up your work-flow systems and figure out what's right for you. Wish I'd known how to work this way when I was 17...



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        Welcome David; it will will be interesting to hear how you implement GTD.
        And I agree with Tetsujin - I wish I had known about GTD when I was 17.
        Or 27, or 37, or 47.
        At least I learned just before I was 57.


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          Another Newb

          I suppose I should say hello as well. My name is Martin, and I'm disorganized (here's where you all say "Hello Martin" ). I'd read GTD 2.5 years ago, and thought it was great, then didn't implement anything. Read part of it on a business trip this summer - and put up an extra basket on my desk to hold my "pending".

          I'm now going through the full implementation, so wish me luck.