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Any else attending the free Ojai seminar?

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  • Any else attending the free Ojai seminar?

    If anyone else is going to the free 2-day GTD seminar in Ojai on 12/19-20, let me know. I'd like to meet any forum members here in person.

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    I will. in fact I am looking for advise on how to be prepared to get the most out of it...

    I will be trill to meet you


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      Too late . . .

      I never even heard about it. Sniff. That's what I get for being gone from the boards for awhile. Would have gone. Hope you all had a great time!


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        Yes, I had a great time. And since the guru himself was hanging out in the back to supervise DAC's new presenter, I got to ask him a question I've been harboring for a long time.

        "What about recurring next actions, like exercising or writing? Is there any trick for putting these into the system to keep them conscious on a daily basis?"

        "No," said David. "Anything you see on a regular basis you'll go numb to. One thing you can do is put random reminders in your tickler file to review the habit that you're trying to build, to ask yourself 'How am I doing with this?'. The only other thing I've been able to think of that helps is to support the action by changing your environment, like getting cool gear."