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Where can I get the 43 folders?

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  • Where can I get the 43 folders?

    I saw this suggested on another thread, but there is no magnified view to get a closer look.

    I am just starting out on GTD and my work habits tell me the 43 folders concept may be most useful. If I can't find a readymade product, what is the best way to make my own from stationery supplies?

    Apologies if this question has been answered already. I have been through some of the replies but couldn't understand them well enough.

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    Write on the tabs

    Hi, you can just write the months, Jan through Dec, on 12 of the folder tabs, and the numbers 1=31 on the rest of them. More here:


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      The "official" DA tickler file is just 43 labeled manila folders.

      I was too lazy to do that, so I bought 12-pocket and 31-pocket accordian files, pre-labeled.



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        Well-stocked Office Max stores carry the 43-folder version of the Globe Weis Everyday File. I got one this and an alpha version (for general reference filing) for my girlfriend, who was interested in trying GTD but was reluctant to install filing cabinets. I'm actually jealous of the compactness of her system, and have considered switching my home system to these booklets.


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          pre-made and home-made

          Interesting to hear about the ready-made folders some folks are using. I don't think I could adjust to those, since I like having the current day at the front and the tactile process of pulling out today's folder and then putting it back in the next month's sequence.

          I made my own with my labeler and 43 plain manila folders. Third-cut. 12 center tabs for the months, and 31 left-hand tabs for the days.


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            Sorry to bump

            Apologies for bumping, but I realised only now (yeah, after 1 year!) that I had not replied at all. Thanks everyone for answering my question.


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              I agree with Tetsuijn. I much prefer having the current folder in front.

              Pictures and explanation here.