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A pleasant discovery

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  • A pleasant discovery

    Today, after printing my current @Work and @Waiting For lists (I'm using an Excel spreadsheet to list them, as discussed in another recent thread), I made this pleasant discovery:

    I had much more listed in my @Waiting For NAs than in the @Work NAs list. This implies to me that I have become more efficient by using the GTD system than I used to be. Now, most NAs are in the hands of other people, and my responsibility is to ensure a prompt and effective follow up.

    Believe me, this discovery has lowered my stress level quite a bit.

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    nice - I'm envious

    Originally posted by DoingIt
    I had much more listed in my @Waiting For NAs than in the @Work NAs list...
    I'm envious of this state. I personally really like the Waiting For list, but I still have some stale items on my NAs. Part of the problem is a disconnect with my work responsibilities, and some are @Home items that I just need help with...