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Archy and Mehitabel: man that cockroach is smart

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  • Archy and Mehitabel: man that cockroach is smart

    For our small group, I submit this, from Garrison Keillor's "Writer's Almanac" -- a literary blog on which he posts a daily poem.

    Today's entry is, I think, appropriate for GTD'ers everywhere. Let us not forget -- as I often do, that in the end, or even in times of crisis, it's all a Cosmic Joke: (fyi, the author of the poem is Don Marquis and this is from one of his classic collections).

    idle thought

    paris september
    fifth nineteen
    twenty three
    what i like
    about this place
    is that it is
    such a nice
    place to loaf in
    and loafing
    is the best thing
    in life
    nature shows
    us that
    a caterpillar
    just eats and
    loafs and sleeps
    and after a while
    without any effort
    it turns into
    a butterfly
    with nothing to do
    but flit around
    and be beautiful
    but consider
    the industrious
    tumble bug
    the tumble bug
    toils and plants
    and sweats
    and worries
    pushing its burden
    up hill forever
    like sisyphus
    and pretty soon
    some one
    comes along
    and thinks how
    vulgar and ugly
    the thing is
    and steps on it
    and squashes it
    and beauty
    are their own
    mehitabel the cat
    is still missing

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    Nature Stinks


    That one went right by me...