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  • Organize your daily notes!

    SunnyNotes is a small and robust notes organizer. You can quickly add new notes, edit existing notes and search through them.

    How many times you needed a web address, an email address of friend or a complicated link or even a phone number and you started to search it on your folders and files or through your notebooks?

    Now you have this chance with SunnyNotes. To see what is really all about please visit SunnyNotes site :

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    Notes software can be very helpful and most are very fast. I've used InfoSelect for a decade and easily handles everything I've put into it. However, while also great for contacts, it is not the best for Contact Management where we have related records and history.

    So, I'm trying to integrate my notes, contacts and contact management (appointments, todos) in one package. Choice of the moment is and I'm frequently trying new approaches - I have one of most contact management applications.

    I don't know how InfoSelect (which I love) compares to Sunnynotes, but InfoSelect is more expensive ( ) and on the version that I have, I have not been able to easily do tables of data where I can sort by the column like we can do with Excel.

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      I was looking for something similar recently and looked at the following, which seem to do similar to sunnynotes, but most are cheaper or look to have more features (I'd like something that could maintain the formatting of pasted text (including images from websites if poss, and store images within the tree):

      Black Hole Oragnizer:
      My Notes Center:
      Notes Browser:

      In the end none of them really handled copy&pasting web pages nicely, except for Evernote which I haven't got round to exploring its organising capabilities.

      For now, I'm sticking with Bonsai to hold text notes, with Google Desktop Search if I want to search for text within outlines.



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        You've got to spend some time exploring EverNote ! The concept of having one note placed in multiple categories, the ability to automatically categorize (tag) notes, and the category intersection panel are all priceless. I was a big fan of TreePad (similar to the sunny notes spam above) but EverNote allows for so much more flexibility when it comes to organizing.


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          All of those notes programs look good, Stuart - thanks for sharing what you found. I've recently tried OneNote (again), and really like the look of it, but didn't find it as useful as Evernote in the end. I'm stil new to EN, but there are a few great sites with templates, etc., especially GTDwannabe's blog at The best thing about Evernote in my opinion is the 'Add to Evernote' extension for Firefox, which allow you to clip sections of a webpage, or the entire page, at the click of a button.

          What I particularly like from your list is Anynote's feature for syncing with PocketPC, which neither EN or OneNote does satisfactorily (EN not at all, ON only in part).

          Thanks again for sharing your research.


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            Originally posted by GTD Wannabe
            ...(similar to the sunny notes spam above) ....
            Spam?! Spam? I'd never have guessed when I put together a list of better, cheaper alternatives

            I'll make configuring Evernote my new year's resolution.



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              Stuart, my spam comment was not related in any way to your nicely put together list of note-taking programs. It was aimed directly at the "sunny notes" post that started this thread. Does it not read like a commercial? Especially considering that the poster is a newbie with 4 posts under their belt, three of which extoll the virtues of this previously-unheard-of software.


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                Originally posted by GTD Wannabe
                Stuart, my spam comment was not related in any way to your nicely put together list of note-taking programs. It was aimed directly at the "sunny notes" post that started this thread. Does it not read like a commercial? Especially considering that the poster is a newbie with 4 posts under their belt, three of which extoll the virtues of this previously-unheard-of software.
                Don't worry, 'Wanabee, I know who your comment was aimed at - I keep forgetting British sarcasm doesn't translate very well

                I just thought the best way to deal with spam extolling the virtues of a particular software application (I'd also noticed the post/subject ratio) would be best dealt with by comparing it with better featured, cheaper alternative applications which people may want to consider instead!



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                  I don't think any sarcasm translates well into written text. It's a downfall of my emailing - I tend to wink at people a lot so they know I'm kidding But now everyone thinks I'm just flirty!

                  Oh, and I'll add one more to your list:


                  I used the Business version for years before stumbling upon EverNote. But the free version is pretty powerful too.


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                    Another note program that does not get very much press:

                    Personal Knowbase - index card style, keyword assignment, good import/export of data (always a good thing).

                    Can be found at:


                    The keyword assignment can be used for context... More than one can be assigned to each item, drill down via keywords, search, tagging etc.

                    Also of course there is Zoot. This can be used for text only (you can of course link to web/file for more fancy formatting options). Can be the main dashboard for NextActions, Notes, calendar. Links very well with Outlook, web etc.

                    Learning curve can be steep, but the manual and online support makes it a very small time to master.

                    Can be found at:



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                      Thanks to all for the tip on EVERNOTE

                      I'd never come across this before. It seems wonderfully good.
                      Thanks to those who have implemented guerilla tactics on the spamsters.


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                        One more to toss on the options list...

                        I'm a newbie to GTD, but have been personaly using a similar system on my own for quite awhile. The program I love for organizing everything is called ITSD Organizer.

                        One of my favorite features is that it lets you create a keyboard shortcut that allows you to paste text from anywhere (web pages, documents, etc.) as a new note directly into the program.

                        Dunno if anyone else will like it, but I thought I'd share.


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                          Thanks for all your opinion

                          Hi everyone!

                          I would just want to thank all for your opinions and for taking time to take part of this topic. Even some opinion were a little bit "spicy" I think that many of replies posted here helped people to make an ideea of what application are used to daily write notes.
                          So, who read this had the possibility to choose and maybe find the perfect tool for him/her needs.

                          Any opinion are still welcomed and let's hope helpfull.



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                            I'm pretty new at GTD but found Whizfolders.

                            To me this is a great program. It is a tabed note taker that creates child folders really well.

                            Once you get into it I can highlight in color, copy text and pictures to it.

                            It also prints out an index of all the folders. I was impressed with the testamonials on the web site too.

                            It also has a jump feature that allows you to instantly jump to other folders, web sites, etc.

                            There is a 30 day free trial at



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                              I tend to stick as much as I can to the freeware/open source side of the spectrum. I downloaded a 6 month trial of One Note, and shortly after I stumbled onto Evernote. Because of the active user community and the developer support, I find Evernote to do pretty much everything I could ask. GTD Wanna Be has an awesome collection of Evernote templates on his website.