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Outlook GTD add-in problem w/ projects tab

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  • Outlook GTD add-in problem w/ projects tab

    I've got a problem that maybe someone can help me solve. For some reason when I enter a task into Outlook (with the GTD add-in) and then go to assign it to a project via the drop down list, I am not seeing the whole list of projects I've already defined. Instead I just get the "add new project" dialogue. This is a sudden developement - for a couple fo days it worked fine and I saw my list of projects growing in the drop down as I added them. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

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    Do you have a list of projects in the Manage Projects part of the add-in?

    Tools / Options / Getting Things Done / Manage Projects

    It sounds like your settings file got lost or corrupted. You can look at it under the settings folder in your inbox.

    You might also try doing an "Update Task Actions"

    Tools / Options / Getting Things Done / Update Task Actions