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UK Stationery Suppliers in -or- shippers to the USA

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  • UK Stationery Suppliers in -or- shippers to the USA

    I am looking for European office supplies (specifically elastic-banded partition folders).

    Does anyone here know of either:
    (a) UK or European retailers/e-tailers that ship to the USA,
    (b) importers in the USA that specialize in retailing/e-tailing such products?



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    UK and US use different measurements for their paper - A4 size (8 and 1/4 by 11 and 3/4) for UK and letter size (8 and 1/2 by 11)for US. I'm not sure about European countries.


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      Empire Imports

      Hi Jim,

      Empire Imports appears to have what you want, European office supplies and delivery to the U.S. I haven't ordered from them, but maybe someone else here has and could provide feedback.



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        Thanks for that link. Unfortunately, it is a watered-down clone of

        Both of these stores carry a single partition folder, a Leitz:

        I am looking for an e-tailer/retailer that has a broader array of things, and who in the least carries a common brand, Europa. Their partition folder selection is excellent:

        Anyone know how I can get my hands on any of these?

        - Jim


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          Hi again,

          TSI-Europe will ship to the U.S. They carry Europa, Snopake, and other brands of portfolios, filing pockets, and the like. The spoiler would be the shipping, which appears to be via FedEx.

          Haven't used them, just googled them up.

          - Arduinna


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            Wow! Thanks so much.

            My google searching was far less fruitful, obviously.

            Would you mind sharing your search string?

            - Jim


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              Hi Jim,

              Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have to thank you for asking this question in the first place, because I've wanted to find a supplier for A4 paper in the U.S. and had made a fruitless search a year ago. Now I have choices, and a source for the yellow A4 stock I needed.

              To answer your question, the Google string that yielded TSI was
              "europa snopake portfolios ship U.S."

              I put in the Snopake brand after seeing it on the Ryman site you cited, figuring a source for both Europa and Snopake products would have what you needed. "Europa" alone turned up too many Google blips.

              - Arduinna