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Tracking completed NA's, do you bother?

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  • Tracking completed NA's, do you bother?

    Some jobs, have some projects that do require a level of detail that drives a requirement to track and record completed Next Actions for legal or other CYA reasons.

    I work in HR (forgive me...), tracking employee grievances requires a lot of detailed note taking and follow up with lots of NA';s until the grievance is resolved, and the project is completed.

    Would others on this forum like to share some thoughts about how they track completed NA's.

    Do you use a project tracking sheet in the project support material file and date your NA's before handing them off to your @Action list?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Tracking completed projects and next actions.

    Yes, I'm using Outlook and the Add-In. For the last several years I've simply moved all completed next actions and projects into an Archive .pst file. That way I can track when tasks and projects were completed.

    This year I've experimented with using the journal for this purpose, which will give me the ability to track not only action items and projects but also appointments, e-mail and documents associated with a project. It's a bit cumbersome at the moment, but I've just about got the macros completed that automate much of this. Once that's done it should be as easy as archiving completed tasks but give me a better over-all audit trail of what was done....