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Setting up Evernote

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  • Setting up Evernote

    I saw references to Evernote here in this forum, so I decided to give it a try.

    Question for people already using Evernote:

    Did you delete the standard categories in the left side pane and create new ones?

    What new categories did you create?


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    I've been using Evernote to capture web pages, etc, for ages. But I've been using it as a collection box, and have failed to use it effectively as a reference tool.

    I'd like to know how to use it effectively and process the items in it.



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      I posted it about it here . There's more discussion about using categories here .

      Basically, I use a couple of templates (Project Outline and GTD To Do (with dates)) for project administration. The remainder of the notes can take any form.

      In addition, I make use of several keywords, such as @next, @calendar, @waiting, @postpone, etc. Then, I set up a few keyword categories in a category called GTD, e.g.,

      - GTD
      - @next <== filter for keyword @next
      - @calendar <== filter for keyword @calendar
      - @[ ] <== filter for this keyword
      indicates I want to put something into Outlook but haven't yet.
      - @[x] <== filter for this keyword
      indicates that this has been put into Outlook

      So, let's say I have a next action that belongs to a particular project. I navigate to that project's category (every project gets a category), and find the GTD To Do (with dates) template note that I have going. Each NA gets a line in this template. In the GTD column, I put @next @[ ] right away. This means it's something I want to do, and it's something I want to put into Outlook so that it gets synced with my palm. Then, I move over to Outlook, enter the NA as a task, move back to EverNote and put an x in the @[ ]. Now I know that NA has been captured not only in EverNote, but also in Outlook.

      Of course, I have NAs in EverNote that haven't migrated to Outlook; that just means that they're things that I could be working on right now for the project, but for whatever reason, I'm not ready to put them into Outlook.

      I also make heavy use of the Category intersection panel, especially for weekly review, or just narrowing down what needs to be done in a specific project. See the second post listed above for screenshots.


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        Thanks GTD Wannabe! That was very helpful.