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Guidelines for Computer Filing

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  • Guidelines for Computer Filing

    I would like to know if David or someone has some specific guidelines for how they organize the files on the computer. I have nearly mastered the physical file world, with typewritten labels, standing project file holders, tickler file, alpha archive, and regular purging. I am finding it a little difficult to apply the same principals to computer files since it is generally necessary to create several sub-categories, etc. I can usually find things via search tools, but I would rather not have the sloppiness of differing versions of the same document floating around, or inconsistent file label conventions, etc. In other words, I would like to bring the same beauty of the physical folders to the digital ones in a way that is simple but usable. Any thoughts?

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    one idea: A-Z, digital edition

    I wrote a bit about the possibility of a straightforward adaptation of the A-Z filing system for electronic documents. It's what I use, and it's fine for me. It's here, if you're interested: Organizing Electronic Documents GTD-Style?.