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Anyone tried the Task Quotient?

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  • Anyone tried the Task Quotient?

    Has anyone used the Task Quotient?

    The purpose is to determine and align your ideal task mixture at work to maximize individual productivity and job satisfaction. The different task types are:
    1. Routine work
    2. Project work
    3. Troubleshooting work

    This is the reason that we do not want to do hundreds of routine e-mails at a single sitting; and conversely it is the same reason we have that urge to break away from deep extended problem solving or planning activities, and we actually want to do e-mails for immediate gratification. This is the way we self-regulate our internal task rhythms and feedback/gratification systems. The problem arises when we try to vary the list of activities without trying to vary the task types. - from Kevin Gazzara

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    Task Quotient not worth much, IMHO

    I took a quick look. The task-type matrix did not resonate with my experience. While tasks do have degrees of predictability and delay tolerance built into them, these are not the primary axes along which I analyze them. The urgency-importance matrix of Covey (which I do not use, except in some intuitive, completely internalized GTD way) does seem to capture aspects of tasks better. IMHO, most people would not benefit substantially from what this web site is peddling. Remember the wise saying "I spent a lot of my money on booze and wild women, and the rest I wasted."