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PDA help please

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  • PDA help please

    i'm using the outlook plugin for outlook and i think it's pretty great,

    I need to know if I can synchronize my outlook task list with a Microsoft PDA,

    I have a Palm zire 71 and it's doesn't, is anyone using a microsoft pda with any success?

    I need to email, monitor my tasks, and if possible book meetings with it through outlook.

    I'm looking at a HP IPAC or Dell Axim (I don't remember the exact models but they're recent ...with Wifi and bluetooth)

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    I'm using HP IPAQ 6500 (with keyboard). It has WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS and GPS that is useful while travelling (one map is free to download). It sinq with my Outlook and I have all Calendar events and Tasks as well as emails in it. The only restriction (that's restriction of Windows Mobile) is you can sort either by Priority, or Due Date, or Name. That's not good for me as I use sorting at my "big" Outlook with three user defined parameters (deadline, ROI, time to finish).

    I like the keyboard as an option as it allows to put tasks in while driving. As a phone 6500 is not the best as sometimes it's acting like unstable Windows PC and not like standard phone.

    Eugene Borisoff


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      I have a Dell Axim x30 with integrated wi-fi and Bluetooth. I use Pocket Informant as my PIM, and it integrates wonderfully with Outlook. I've been bouncing back and forth between Franklin Covey and GTD, and now I'm swinging back toward GTD. Pocket Informant is more than powerful and versatile enough to keep up either way.

      I used to have a Palm Zire (original 2MB model). I was able to get it to sync with Outlook for my Tasks, Calendar, and Notes. The only catches were that I couldn't have more than 15 categories between Outlook and the Palm, and of course all text cut off after 4096 characters, so if I dragged and dropped a long email into a task, some text could become truncated.