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Problems with autoformatting in Outlook

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  • Problems with autoformatting in Outlook

    I have the GTD Outlook addin and love it. However, I consistently have a problem with the GTD views that come with the addin reverting back to their default state. For instance, when I view "active tasks by action" I set the autoformating to highlight the tasks due today in blue. This works fine for a while but at some point a day or so later, the autoformating that I made is gone and the view has reverted back to its initial default setting. If I did only one autoformat it wouldn't be a big deal reseting this every other day but I have a couple of formats that I like to have running to focus my attention on different tasks.

    Do I have to create new views in order for them to keep their formating or is there a way to permentently adjust the GTD views at their default level? Thanks. - Nathan