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Which PDA?

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  • Which PDA?

    I know this is a question of personal preference but...

    Which PDA should I get?

    PalmOS vs. MS? PalmOne vs. HP vs. Dell?

    I would like to make the PDA the master for my GTD data


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    I've had a Dell Axim X5 for over three years. Rock solid, and still is one of the best-looking pocket pcs ever. I rely heavily on mine for GTD as well as plenty of other tasks.


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      Palm of course ;&gt

      I am a Palm Fan for several years (Palm III, Palm T2, now T|X) and very appreciate it. For GTD, I use a Wiki application name NoteStudio with the addition of a Plugin name CreateGTDActionList that detect, from each pages in the Wiki (for me a page could be interpreted as a project), the actions that reside there and create a report, regrouping all action tag together (@action, @errands, @home,@pc, etc).

      For me, one of the more important criteria was the possibility to synch between the PDA and my XP machine. 95% of the data entry is being made on the XP and the Palm is used mainly for consultation.

      The reson I have mentionned about NoteStudio is that I think your decision shouldn't be only about the device, but the software you are intending to use. Even if you have the best device, your GTD system will be affected if the kind of application you would like can't run on it.

      Knowing what kind of software each people are using on Palm or DELL/WinCE will probably help you deciding what kind of device would benifit you.

      To the addition of NoteStudio (my main GTD XP and Palm application), I also use KeySuite, which synchronize outlook with the Palm, adding several features to the default outlook synchronisation utility that come with several Palm device.

      Hope this could be useful for you. Have a good shopping.


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        Thanks for the replies so far.

        manikoutai, you make a good point about complimentary software. I am going to look into NoteStudio.

        I use gmail for email. Will a PDA sync with gmail?

        Also, is there a PDA that can connect to my home wireless network so that I don't have to turn on my PC in order to download mail?



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          You can setup your Gmail account as a POP3 server (I would recommend leaving the mail on Gmail's site).

          Go to Settings > Forwarding and POP to set it up.

          Most PDAs come with an 802.11 (a/b/g) card in them. I have a HP iPAQ hx4700 and it connects to my wireless network at home. I am looking at several web-based GTD projects to install and use, and I will use the wireless on my PDA to get to them anywhere in my house.

          No, your computer does not have to be on, just your modem and router.



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            the scenario you have described, i.e. checking the emails without having to start the PC, is exacly why I have purchased a Palm TX, upgrading from my old T2. With a Palm (I presume it is the same for other PDA) it is very fast to check for emails as the startup of a palm is very fast compare to a PC.

            I haven't tried with gmail, but I can confirm that such device come with the necessary software to download emails from a POP3 server. As Michael suggested, I always leave the emails on the server.

            Good luck


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              I guess I am of the opinion that it doesn't matter what PDA you use. The important thing is the GTD process, and the way you do it and everything else will stem from that. Most PDA's will have some kind of database on it and you can design and modify that to hold the various lists.

              I've got an old DOS powered HP thing about a decade old but it's fast, you can type on it (never liked those stylus things), has well designed calendar and database functions, can run a multitude of old DOS applications and the batteries last forever. You don't need complicated software to do GTD.


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                Originally posted by treelike
                I guess I am of the opinion that it doesn't matter what PDA you use. The important thing is the GTD process, and the way you do it and everything else will stem from that.
                Agreed! I never said I NEED a PDA. I just prefer to use it.

                If I am going to spend a few hundred bucks I thought it would be a good idea to poll the forum to see what other people are using.


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                  I've done some research. I appear the Palm TX is highly rated (CNET scored it an 8 but did not give it their editor's choice). The Dell models do not rate that high.

                  A friend mentioned to me that the Treo would be a better idea because it incorporates a phone. Why carry two devices he says. Any Treo users out there?



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                    Like my Treo 650

                    Originally posted by howman
                    Any Treo users out there?
                    I just switched from a T3 to a Treo 650 and am very happy with it. I don't use email or web features (someday, maybe) but the value for me was (1) pda with built-in keyboard, (2) Palm OS 5-way navigation and (3) integrating two devices (phone/pda) into one.

                    I find I'm working with the Treo faster than the T3 and (surprise to me) don't miss Graffitti, the larger screen or voice recorder. My GTD system is segmented (a work-only portion due to lock-down environment) so the pda form factor is more important to me than someone who is able to have a single system at work & home.

                    I suggest test-driving them both (e.g. Best Buy) because they are different and one person's pros could be another's cons.



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                      I recomment a Tungsten T3. I found Palm to have faster applications and is better for the fast power user. I didn't like the pocket PC's. I use these apps daily, it's all I need.

                      Chapura Keysuite