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Symbian OS and MS Outlook

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  • Symbian OS and MS Outlook

    I'm using HP6500 IPAQ now but it's very "buggy" Nokia is going to sell it's E61 soon. But is has Symbian OS. The question is Symbian compatible with MS Outlook, can I sinq the tasks, calendar etc as Windows Mobile does?



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    There is something wrong with Nokia first versions.

    There is something wrong with Nokia first versions of firmware and synchronization software (Nokia Suite). For example:

    -- during first 6 months my desktop could not connect with Nokia 6670 using USB. I used Bluetooth USB dongle instead and was able to achieve 80% connection success rate. Then Nokia published Nokia Suite update and magically USB connection started to work (90% success rate) - but still there are some glitches - connection freezes and I have to restart both the desktop computer and the phone to re-establish link.

    -- first version of Nokia 9300 firmware had tragic Polish keyboard support - the user had to choose Polish characters using arrow keys and the character table displayed on the screen. It is now fixed and the standard key combinations allow the user to enter "ąćęłńˇśżź" characters.

    I've never had such problems with Palm PDAs.

    So wait for Nokia second or third version!