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NAs with Deadline in PDA

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  • NAs with Deadline in PDA

    DA suggest to keep the items with DeadLine as all day events. How to distinguish between competed and uncompleted NAs of that kind? If I use my workstation I mark them in grey color to see if that's done. But if I use my PDA (Windows Mobile) then it doesn't allow for any the task stays there on top even if it is done. How're you dealing with competed deadlined NAs on your PDA?

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    Marking all day tasks as complete

    I delete them altogether - onc ethere done I have no need to see them again. Really they are nothing more than day specific next actions.

    Alternatively you could put an 'x' in front of them to distinguish them as complete.


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      I think I need to track what and when was done so "x" make sence for me. Thanks, nice idea. More ideas to come?


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        Delete them

        My $0.015 ...

        I delete them myself (Treo 650 & Palm Desktop). If I needed to keep a record of what I've done I'd probably keep a separate consolidated list (Palm Memo, Word, Excel, etc.) rather that spread out in my calendar.