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Personalized Workflow Diagram

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  • Personalized Workflow Diagram

    Recently I saw a posting of someone's personalized GTD workflow diagram for which they were asking for feedback from other's. It resonated something with me, but at the time I was looking for something else and so (apparently) didn't think to bookmark that post. Now for the life of me I can't find that particular workflow diagram again, no matter which way I google. I've even searched and scanned my browser history to no avail. I thought that it was posted here at the forums but have not found it. I have found several other variations of the GTD workflow diagram (including the basic and advanced) in various blogs & forums but can't find that one. And unfortunately, I have no idea the name of it's designer (modifier?). Does anyone remember seeing a posting of a personalized version of the workflow diagram in their recent GTD travels online & if so, where?

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