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Where to park a Next Action

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  • Where to park a Next Action

    I'm going through higher attitudes these days. I think one of my Areas or Focus would be Personal Development. Under that a lot of projects would go: Learn Spanish, Learn Time Management, Teach Time Management, Study Sales Theory etc. I think that the only way to move these projects is to put them on hard landscape probably as Personal Development block of time and then move each of them at that time one by one.

    I was checking GTD forum and decided that I want to find&read all post of Jason Womack as they clear things up for me. But I'm not sure where should I park this Next Action. Now I have the following options:

    1. Create a @Time Management context and park it there check it during blocked off time. But this approach complicates my contexts list because that leads to creation of @Contexts for any of the Areas of Focus and it's not a real context;

    2. Create a Study GTD project and park it in there in the notes section of the task. In this case my contexts list will remain light and when the block of time for Personal Development arrives I would go to the "live" projects and choose what I want to do from there.

    What do you think is the best and how you handle that?

    Best regards,


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    #2 sound better. You have put the task on you calendar (hardlandscape) so there is no reason to put it on your next action list.