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Gtd Fast ?

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  • Gtd Fast ?

    I've seen references to the legendary "GTD Fast!" CDs and read blissful reviews, only to discover that they were discontinued to be replaced by a new product?

    Which product replaced them?

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    none . . . yet.


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      I wonder why it was discontinued then.


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        I tried to find them at my local libraries and on the 'net, but I couldn't find them so I got them via Bittorrent.

        The mp3s are all about 100MB. I'd be willing to give them to whoever may want it, but I don't know of a way to get them out. An FTP server somewhere would be great.

        Anyone got a FTP server I can upload them to?


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          Careful. I would be astonished if this material is not copyrighted, and if what you are proposing to do is therefore not illegal.


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            Ya of course it's illegal.

            EDIT: My copy has been sold.
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              I guess the income from the CDs was small compared to the income from seminars that replaced the CDs.

              I would love a copy of the CDs, but don't want to illegally download them. It seems to me that David could sell the CDs in MP3 format like he sells his PDFs.


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                The Fast CD where discontinued/runout as DA and DA Co revamped the GTD seminars.

                As the Fast CD is the seminar (and was much cheaper), it is now for DA and DA Co viewpoint out of date. Though in most areas I would suggest it's still relavent. So currently, the only place to get the Fast CD is from a "friend" or pirate a copy off the internet. The alternative is to write to DA and DA Co and ask/place pressure for a new version of these Cd's.


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                  Getting Things Done FAST v2

                  I contacted Lisa regarding this and this was her reply:


                  Hi Ian,

                  Thanks for your inquiry about GTD Fast. Unfortunately it has been discontinued and we don't plan on adding it to GTD Connect, though we get quite a few requests. Here are the materials that I suggest for you instead from the Connect Members' Library:

                  -"GTD Workshop" under Seminar Excerpts in the video category
                  -"Mackenzie Lecture" under Seminar Excerpts
                  -I also highly recommend the Q&A Teleseminar audio recording, we had so many great questions answered there and it takes on the feel of a seminar discussion.

                  I hope this is helpful for you! Also, we are planning to create a replacement product for GTD Fast! since it was so popular. Most likely this will be a DVD of David presenting. Shall I contact you when such a product becomes available?

                  Kind Regards,



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                    Missed the point, I think. We want audio!!! It's hard work ripping audio from a DVD. Have they not heard of iPods?! What a missed marketing opportunity.


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                      GTD Fast

                      I don't see how GTD Fast is outdated. Even with improved approaches, the information on these CDs is so basic, and I do frequently review it. Not every CD every time, but parts that I need to revisit. I find it so motivating to listen to this presentation. I doubt that David Allen would say the information on these CDs no longer has value

                      I can listen to the CDs while I work on the computer, and I do have it on iPod for listening when I am doing boring or mindless tasks at home. It even makes for good listening when I'm walking or on the treadmill.

                      I have never regretted spending the money for GTD Fast.

                      I can only imagine that producing the CDs may cost more than the company thinks they may gain over the long term from ongoing sales.



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                        Originally posted by CEB
                        Missed the point, I think. We want audio!!! It's hard work ripping audio from a DVD. Have they not heard of iPods?! What a missed marketing opportunity.
                        I would personally buy both a dvd and audio versions


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                          Not sure why the staff has not answered the question yet.

                          My understanding is that GTD Fast was produced by a third party and that partnership dissolved and therefore it can no longer be produced.


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                            Ah, copyright issues. Now I see.

                            That's a shame, because if the two partners can't agree to put GTD Fast back into production, the only options for those who want access are the second-hand market and the illegally copied market. The copyright laws seem to be having the opposite of the desired effect nowadays.


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                              DA explained the situation in another thread:
                              The "retail product" was a mistake made by Nightingale Conant. We were totally unaware that they had sub-licensed (quite illegally, too) the product they were marketing for us, to secondary distributors (like Warner/Amazon). We found out after some of you! They subsequently pulled it, after we informed them of their ... whatever.

                              For those of you sorry about the "commercialization" of GTD, all I can say is, if it weren't, I'd be doing (and would have done) something else. Our contract ran out with Nightingale Conant and we didn't want to re-up, because there's newer versions of the information we want to get out, and frankly, what anyone got on the CD's is similarly packaged for $2000 - not $200, much less $20. Of course you can buy the book for, what? $6.90 (used - amazon). That's pretty mass market, with some pretty complete information.