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What do you do with sales contacts/leads?

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  • What do you do with sales contacts/leads?

    I'm a Loan Officer but one of the difficulties I have is what to with a contact who's still a lead but nothing solid yet (could be a potential client or new Realtor to develop a relationship with).

    I get their contact info but I don't really want that in my contact database yet unless it turns into something more solid. I use Outlook, so maybe I could create a Contact folder called "Temp" and put them in there till I know what to do with the info?

    I guess my question falls under the category of "processing leads that come into my Inbox?". My leads begin to grow into an "amorphous" blob so I want ideas on how to deal with them in GTD.

    Thanks for any ideas

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    What's the Next Action? Send a brochure? Followup in two months? Buy them lunch?

    Whatever it is, that's where you should file their contact information.



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      I put any contacts into Contacts category of Outlook. And contact profile along with meetings information attached to this contact into Notes field.



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        Avidian Prophet?

        You might want to take a look at Avidian Prophet, an Outlook add-in for sales management. I bought a copy but haven't yet been able to schedule time to install it or work with it.


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          Use a separate context

          Hi there,

          I have a separate context called "Sales Projects" which helps to keep these both away from other stuff (although the contacts go into my contacts list right away) and also keeps them top of mind for follow-up in my weekly review.