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hanging file folders: a picture please

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  • hanging file folders: a picture please

    Can somebody give me a picture of what a hanging file folder is compared to the one DA recommends ('plain folders standing up by themselves in the file drawer, held up by the movable metal plate in the back', p101)?

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    Hanging Files w/ only one non-hanging file inserted:

    No Hanging Files:
    (but, no labels, for shame!)

    Not my pictures, but GTD on flickr will work everytime.


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      Ah, I understand it better now. Tnx for the effort.


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        Hi there!

        Here is a picture of a hanging file with the apropriate filing cabinet. The files mentioned by David Allen are just without this hanging things and the stand in the drawer.
        Any further questions?

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          I just didn't know what I should make of the movable metal plate in the back. I thought I misunderstood it all.

          Now that I've seen it, I don't think I agree with DA.


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            Originally posted by mephisto
            Now that I've seen it, I don't think I agree with DA.
            That's OK. The point is that your files should be easy to use, for you. I prefer hanging folders myself.


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              The plate in the back is to keep the folders collected toward the front so they will stand up. The plate is movable so when folders are added or removed they are still kept standing up.

              I use hanging files with many folders in each one, and the hanging files themselves are never removed from the drawer or container.


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                Here's a pic of my folders -- w/o hanging files. Hanging files would take up too much room. I like The David's method.