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Palm vs GTDMail vs GTD Wiki ?

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  • Palm vs GTDMail vs GTD Wiki ?

    I've sort of got myself into 'cool new tool' overload and I need some clear 'minds like water' to help me focus.

    I've been managing my GTD just fine on my Palm Pilot. I haven't run into any problems with the category limitations or anything.

    I've purchased and am about to receive a Palm Treo 700p phone. This fulfills a desire I've had for many years: Palm and phone in one; no more need to carry two devices!

    Recently I've set up a Gmail account, mostly because of so much I've read about people using Gmail and its features to manage their GTD online. In addition, I've added the GTDGmail chrome to see what it does; it also has some smooth (smoother than Palm) features. BTW, you can check out GTDGmail here.

    I've also read alot about the GTD wiki that you can carry around on a thumb drive with you.

    So, I've got all these cool tools, but I don't want to go crazy! I'm thinking that the biggest drawbacks to GTDGmail is that I have to be 'online.' With the GTDwiki I have to have a computer to access it; I'm otherwise using scraps of paper until I get to a PC.

    Comparatively, with the Palm Treo, I just pull it out and start writing down my NAs, work my lists, etc.

    ...but I don't want to miss out on cool new tools! Rambling now...any words of wisdom from out there? Thanks!

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    Toys are nice but they don't do the work ... you have to.

    I've got to a point were simple is better. One way of getting there is to limit the number of collection points and "toys" that you have. Given that you are getting a Treo plus have had not issues with using a palm I would make the treo the center of you're out and about kit. The email client on the treo is good (I have a Treo 680) and you can set it up to auto sync with your email accounts (I use 2 hours so I'm not always looking at it).

    As to the thumb drive, I would pass, unless you use a lot of strange PC's in strange locations. If that is the case I would then look to loading the thumb drive with a range of portable application so you have control and security. Just remember running any application of a USB drive is a slower experience.


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      Originally posted by SacBill View Post
      I don't want to miss out on cool new tools!
      Why not?

      -- Brent


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        I would echo what ReBuild says. Keep your Palm system and enjoy the additional power of email and internet access. GTDGmail works great for someone tethered to a PC... it makes no sense to try and work that system from a Treo when you have the PIMs available on line or off.


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          GTDGmail will not work on the Treo. It requires Firefox to work. It is an extension that is tied to FF.

          I know that you cannot run FF on a Palm device (as the built in browser they have is pretty crappy.)



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            You're right that the full GTDMail extension will not work on the treo. However, all the labels that are created by GTDMail will remain in your google mail account, and you can label messages, etc., with those labels to achieve the same effect.

            I'm using GTDMail, and accessing Gmail through the Blazer (built-in) browser on the treo. I dig it. If you view the Gmail screen in "basic HTML" (gmail should show you a link allowing you to choose either "BasicHTML" or "Mobile" views), you can access the labels. If you want a leaner view, use the Mobile View, which will allow you to specify which labels to show on the main screen. In this view, I show only "Inbox" and "Next Action".

            Plus, you can't beat the Gmail and GoogleCalendar integration. If they ever get around to letting us tag/label our GoogleNotebooks, we'll all be in GoogleTD heaven. I also use SMS messages to GCal to recieve notifications and even set up new events from my treo. I guess I've turned it into a glorified web browser.

            I'm thinking about writing a blog post about it with screenshots and stuff. If I get around to it, I'll come back here and post a link.