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Weekly review purpose ?

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  • Weekly review purpose ?

    Hello ppl ,

    I have a simple question, when I am looking at my list , to do my daily list , ain't I automatically doing a whole sweep ?
    What's the purpose of the weekly review then ?

    Is it that some items on my do list are sheduled for sometime later(say 3-4) days and for those 3-4 items I just shouldn't look at them?
    (fairly confused ,englighten me)

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    Critical Success Factor: The Weekly Review

    Somewhere in his book David Allen wrote:

    Critical Success Factor: The Weekly Review

    Everything that might potentially require action must be reviewed on a frequent enough basis to keep your mind from taking back the job of remembering and reminding. In order to trust the rapid and intuitive judgment calls that you make about actions from moment to moment, you must consistently retrench at some more elevated level. In my experience (with thousands of people), that translates into a behavior critical for success: the Weekly Review.

    All of your open loops (i.e., projects), active project plans, and "Next Actions," "Agendas," "Waiting For," and even "Someday/ Maybe" lists should be reviewed once a week. This also gives you an opportunity to ensure that your brain is clear and that all the loose strands of the past few days have been collected, processed, and organized. If you're like most people, you've found that things can get relatively out of control during the course of a few days of operational intensity. That's to be expected. You wouldn't want to distract yourself from too much of the work at hand in an effort to stay totally "squeaky clean" all the time. But in order to afford the luxury of "getting on a roll" with confidence, you'll probably need to clean house once a week.

    The Weekly Review is the time to
    • Gather and process all your "stuff."
    • Review your system.
    • Update your lists.
    • Get clean, clear, current, and complete.
    Hope this helps.



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      Weekly review isn't just runway maintenance.

      While I don't do a formal daily list, and generally just work from my contexts, I think the biggest difference is expected outcome.

      Basically, the point of your daily review seems to be to take a quick inventory of what you've got on your plate to decide which projects/actions need to be moved forward that day, pretty much working largely at the runway level.

      However, the weekly review serves another purpose as well. While it is a time to do the maintenance on the runway, and make sure everything is up to date and accurate, it also brings the focus upwards, to the higher altitudes, to allow you to see the forest, not just the trees (or insert your own metaphor here).

      That's the basic difference as I see it, during your weekly review, you're not just thinking about what you have to do, but why you should be doing it. This allows you to stay in line with your higher altitudes, not just decide which widgets to crank.

      Hope this helps,



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        Originally posted by AdamMiller81 View Post
        during your weekly review, you're not just thinking about what you have to do, but why you should be doing it.
        I think that's in in a nutshell.

        Leaving the "why's" for when I'm in the think of things causes me to alternate between not thinking about them enough, and thinking about them so much that I don't actually do anything.

        The weekly review allows a space set aside specifically for the higher-level stuff, so that it neither bogs down the daily task-flow, nor gets forgotten or neglected.


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          Also, the weekly review is not just your action list, you should be reviewing a lot of other things to make sure nothing is missing. I have only been doing this a few weeks, but one of the things I have found valuable in the weekly review is scanning previous and upcoming calendar items to make sure there aren't any actions I should be adding related to those entries. Also, I have added a couple of things to my weekly review, like updating my weekly time entry (I am a consultant) and entering my expense account entries.