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How to keep track of strategic (project) decisions

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  • How to keep track of strategic (project) decisions


    Thanks to GTD I take much more time to think about my actions.

    When reflecting the execution and the result of my actions, I get a lot of ideas about how to improve the execution and result of the action next time.
    For example during/after a meeting I have ideas about how to contribute more effective next time. I write those down and transform them to strategic decisions when I think itís a great idea. For example: ďStick more to the agenda, write new non urgent topics down and talk about it another timeĒ.

    I would like to be reminded of these decision next time Iím collecting next actions for my projects.
    Iím wondering how you make sure you do not forget about your strategic decisions regarding projects.

    Thank you,

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    You can put it to Notes section as ie Meeting Prep Checklist.