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What context to use for a Next Action?

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  • What context to use for a Next Action?

    I'd like to present a small souvenir for my dentist. The present is bought. I want to do it when I have free time that's enough to drive there.

    I'm not sure what context to use here to remind me of that. I'd like that to be at home, at office or at anywhere I have a enough large free block of time. @Agenda is too passive because it means when I "bump into" dentist. @Call assumes a special trip there. @Car - first I don't use this context and second I usually in a car when driving specially to one of the meetings so don't have large blocks of time in between.

    Any ideas?



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    @Errands n/t

    empty message: no text


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      If it were me, I'd put it on my @Errands list.


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        I have multiple @errands lists. One is for critical errands like the post office, bank and grocery store. One is for non-critical errands - when I have time or are on that side of town. And the other is a shopping list of things I'm looking for or need but could find at multiple places.

        In your case, I would put it in category #2.


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          Three options:

          1. @Errands, assuming you're regularly reviewing this list when you're in transit.
          2. Calendar: if you can anticipate the next time you'll be in the area by thinking ahead, but the errand down as an untimed event.
          3. If human contact isn't essential, snail mail is still an option, depending on factors of size, weight, shipping cost vs. gas, and convenience of postal facilities.


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            I don't need GTD for this.

            I label the gift, and put it next to my front door. That reminds me to put it in the car. When I see it in the car, that reminds me to take it to the recipient.

            If I want to make sure I do it when I have free time, well, I usually have free time when I'm home. So I'd put it on my @Home list.